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Product no.: 171-490
Conversation - Abe, Conversation in the forest II; Udow, Lightning 2; Wada, Go-Za-Kyoh-En; Nishimura, Voice of the Sun. K.Abe, Marimba; Michigan Chamber Players (M.Udow, perc; u.a.)
16.00 *
Product no.: 171-445
Improvisations on Nature Live in Concert 1990 - 38 Min.; Duos f. Marimba & Vibra von Keiko Abe/Dave Samuels komponiert Jazz & Klassik **jetzt wieder lieferbar
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-488
Fantastic Marimba - Marimba Soli von Abe: Wind Sketch; Tambourin Paraphrase; Banka; Wind Across Mountains; Itsuki Fantasy; Voice of Matsuri Drums
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-004
Fascinatin' Latin Marimba - 42 Min.; Soft Latin Pop, recorded 1966; Keiko Abe, Xebec Marimba Trio, Symphonic Pops Orchestra; arrang. Isao Tomita
26.00 *
Product no.: 171-489
Marimba Encores - Milhaud, Scaramouch + Brazileira; Secunda, Dona Dona; Narita, Song of Seashore; Gree, Flapperette; Dowland, Pavana; Folk Song Londonderry Air; Martini, Piacer d'amour; Koshibe, With Courage. K.Abe, Marimba; als Gäste: Kroumata Pe
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-201
Marimba Fantasy - Variations on Japanese Children's Songs; Michi; Ancient Vase; Dream of the Cherry Blossoms; Wind in the Bamboo Grove; Memories of the Seashore; Prism; Little Windows; Frogs. Keiko Abe, Marimba
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-443
Marimba Selections II - Yuyama, Divertimento f. Marimba & Saxophone, Miyoshi, Marimba Concerto, Tanaka, Two Movements, Noda, Quintetto. **wieder lieferbar"
23.00 *
Product no.: 171-444
Marimba Selections III - Miki, Marimba Concerto; Sukegawa, 5 Pieces after Paul Klee; Ishii, Marimba-Stück; Tsubonoh, Meniscus; Hachimura, Ahania; Shibata, Imagery. **wieder lieferbar
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-442
Marimba Spiritual - Miki, Marimba Spiritual; Miyoshi, Rin-sai; Nishimura, Matra; Abe, Conversation in the Forest; Ishii, Concertante f. Marimba and Perc.Ens. K.Abe, Marimba & Kroumata Ens.; Perc.Ens. Stuttgart; Michigan Perc.Ens.; Les Perc. de Str
21.00 *
Product no.: 171-625
Solo Marimba Selections - Miyoshi, Torse III; Miki, Time; Ikebe, Monovalence I; Taira, Convergence I; Miyoshi, Conversation; Sueyoshi, Mirage
23.00 *
Product no.: 171-793

I.E.A.O.V. - 74 Min.; experimentelle Musik f. Flöte (G.Mashayekhi-Beer), Percussion (B.Thurner) und Elektronik (W.Musil)

19.50 *
Product no.: 171-850

J.S.Bach - Werke für Solo-Marimba: Little Fugues BWV 952 + 953, Invention 779, sowie einzelne Sätze aus Cello-Suiten u. Violin Sonaten. M. Aizawa, Solo Marimba

0.00 *

no longer available

Product no.: 171-982

World Premiere - 51 Min.; Hölszky, Image; Fritsch, Kernspin + Litanei II; Globokar, Beyond a Study for Percussion. M.Aizawa, Solo Percussion

0.00 *

no longer available

Product no.: 171-849

Xenakis & Medek - Xenakis, Psappha + Rebonds; Ivo Medek, Migrations for Marimba + Triax. M.Aizawa, Solo Percussion

0.00 *

no longer available

Product no.: 171-870
Global Marimba - Doppel-CD, 98 Min.; Ludwig Albert, Marimba u. Gäste; Abe, Wind Sketch II, Itsuki Fantasy, Michi III, The Wave, Memories III, Wind in Bamboo II, u.a.; Schmitt, 2 Gather, Tanaka, Two Movements; Lin, Flying; Halt, Marimbics; Espel, Zamba; u.a.
24.00 *
Product no.: 171-623
Marimba Dances - Kabalevsky, Comedians Galop; Kreisler, Liebesfreud; Bach, Air; Strauss, Kaiserwalzer + Pizzicato Polka; Katchaturian, Sabre Dance; Beethoven, Für Elise; Offenbach, Can-Can; Peter, Zirkus Renz; Joplin, Ragtime Dance; u.a.
15.90 *
Product no.: 171-629
Marimba Paraphrases - Abe, Tambourine Paraphrase + Conversation in the forest + Wind across mountains; Albert, Marimba Moods + Fantasy of Love + Five scenes on Sakura II + Lets Dance for 6 Mallets u.a.
15.00 *
Product no.: 171-203
VarËèe, Ionisation; Chavez, Toccata; Cage, 4'33"; Cage/Harrison, Double Music; Cage, Amores, Third Construction.
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-618
Legacies - Vaczi, Reconstruction; Hollo, 39; Hollo/Vaczi, Traditions; sowie tradit. Musik aus Polynesien und Afrika
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-202
Marta, Doll's House Story; Sary, Pebble Playing in a Pot; Cage, Second Construction; Reich, Piano Phase; Green, Log Cabin Blues, Charleston Capers, Jovial Jasper.
18.00 *
Product no.: 171-499
KlangPerlenSpiel - Bearb. von Chopin, Saint-Saens, Ibert, B.Streisand, Monti, Massenet, A.L.Webber, Schostakowitsch, Turpin, Valverde, Pärt u.a. E.Amandi, Marimba; C.Zirkelbach, Harfe.
17.90 *
Product no.: 171-020
American Music for Percussion 1 - 67 Min.; Tower, DNA; Sandler, Pulling Radishes; Higdon, Splendid Wood; Xavier Rodriguez, El dia de los muertos; Schuller, Grand Concerto for Percussion. New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble; Frank Epstein, Gunther Schuller
5.90 *
Product no.: 171-025
CD American Music for Percussion 2 - 50 Min.; Carter, Tintinnabulation; Child, Refrain; Cohen, Acid Rain; Harbison, Cortege; Lerdahl, First Voices. New England Conservatory Percussion Ensemble; Frank Epstein
5.90 *
Product no.: 171-351

Zeit und Ewigkeit, Zeitgenössische Musik für Chor, Schlagwerk und Solostreicher - Buchenberg: O nata lux für Chor; Ignatowicz: Toccata für Marimba; Schneid: ...wie die Zeit vergeht... für Viola & Chor; Esenvalds: In Paradisum für Viola, Cello & Chor; Rubino: Corale per Marimbaphone; Nysted: Immortal Bach (nach Bachs "Komm, süsser Tod". Simone Rubino, Schlagwerk; Martin Steidler, Leitung.

14.99 *
Product no.: 171-633
Cage - Second Construction, Third Construction, Living Room Music, Imaginary Landscape Marsch No.2, Amores, u.a.
17.84 *
Product no.: 171-759

Tamburi Parlanti - Entusiasmo, Schlagzeug-Duos 1-3, Kanon, Moderato, Pferde von Warendorf, Stravinsky in marcia. Antonio Amoroso, Sebastian Dammann, Schlagz., Perc.; u.a.

15.00 *
Product no.: 171-573
Nocturnal Activities - Cage, Second Construction; Loevendie, Timbo; Little, Digital Signals; Bus, Nocturnal Activities; Vicent, Cool Age.
16.20 *
Product no.: 171-421
Once upon a time... - Cage, Living Room Music; Serry, Duo for Percussion; Tarrega, Recuerdos; Rosauro, Uirapuru; Händel, Solomon; Green, Xylophonia; u.a. H.Rieken, R.Jansen, J.Vicente, Percussion.
17.50 *
Product no.: 171-719

Release - 66 Min.; Sejourne, Famim; Vicent, Release + Sound Desert + Tabu + Maracata + Tarbouka; Piazzola, Milonga del Angel; Klein, Music f. Perc. 1 + 2; Borstlap, Checkpoint

18.90 €
18.90 *

out of print

Product no.: 171-718
Spatial Music - Musik von Ton de Leeuw: Clair Obscur; Music f. Marimba, Vibra & Jap.Temple Bells; Midare for Marimba; Spatial Music II.
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-521
Divinations - Solo Percussion: Etler, XL+1; Child, Duo; Marvuglio, Simples of the Moon; Kraft, Divinations; Korde, Drowned Woman of the Sky
17.90 *
Product no.: 171-904
Marimba meets Drums - Live-recording 2007; Kopetzki, Fusion Mallets + African Wind + Tequila Sunrise + Bamboo Leaves + Danco Cabaza + When the moon shines blue + Fiesta del Sol; Schmitt, Belo Horizonte; O'Mahoney, Cha Cha Rufus; Nagel, Sambolero; Khachaturian, Sabre Dance.
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-835
Mixed Music 1 - E.Kopetzki: Shadows of Wood + Marimba Music + Three Movements for a Solo Dancer + Mixed Music. P.Andersons, Marimba, Percussion; Marion Andersons, Saxophon.
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-008
Sonate f. 2 Klaviere und 2 Schlagz.; + Rihm, Schrift-Um-Schrift f. 2 Klaviere u. 2 Schlagz.; GrauSchumacher Piano Duo; Percussion: Franz Schindlbeck, Jan Schlichte.
19.80 *
Product no.: 171-836
Mixed Music 2 - E.Kopetzki, Two Ragtimes + La Valse; Granados/Young, Playera; Hartl, Unterhaltungen; Ibrahim/ Stensgaard, African market place; Valverde, Tango Argentino; Yuyama, Divertimento f. Marimba & Sax.; P.Andersons, Marimba, Percussion; Ma
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-677
The Melody with Marimba - Rosauro, Marimbakonzert mit Klavier; Burritt, October Night; Rosauro, Preludes; Glennie, A Little Prayer + Londonderry Air; Monke, Abide with me; Schumann, Roundelay; Bach, Choral; Händel, Larghetto.
16.50 *
Product no.: 171-975
Grammont Portrait - Zinsstag, ..u vremenu rata..; Roth, Trois Tetes de Giacometti; Radulescu, The Origin; Neidhöfer, AU; Ulivelli, Eoma. M.Ardeleano, Percussion; Lugano Percussion Group
16.90 *
Product no.: 171-874
Keyboards & Mallets - O'Meara, Wooden Music; Rosauro, Modal Voyage; Zivkovic, Iljas; Levitan, Duet; Takayoshi, Suite No.2; Piazolla, Flora's Game; Friedman, Looking Back. Massimo Pastore, Vanni Vespani, marimba & vibraphone.
17.50 *
Product no.: 171-036
Light Dark - Doppel-CD; Abe, Wind Sketch II; Rosauro, Cadenca para Berimbao + Mitos Brasileiros; Varese, Ionisation; Faini, Afro-Amero; Zawinul, Birdland; Camilo, Why Not; Beck, Drum Concerto; Bach, Prelude, Bonato, Mimesis; Harrison, Suite; Gioachin, Metal-Mente; Nishimura, Kecak. Art Perc. Ensemble, Ltg. Massimo Pastore; Art Mallets Duo u.a.
16.90 *
Product no.: 171-754
Modern Times for narrator, flute and 4 perc.; Overture for Percussion Quartet; Scenes from the Holy Land for flute & perc.; Currents for 4 percussion. Robert McCormick, perc., u.a.
1.00 *
Product no.: 171-953
Australian Percussion - 53 Min.; Westlake, Omphalo Centric Lecture + Fabian Theory; Askill, Lemurian Dances; Edwards, Marimba Dances; Sculthorpe, How the Stars were made; Wesley-Smith, White Knight and Beaver. M.Askill, Percussion Solo (+ multi tracks bei Ensembles)
18.90 *
Product no.: 171-260
Crumb, Makrokosmos III für 2 Klaviere und Percussion; Dao, Bao Gio für 2 Klaviere und Percussion CD
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-609

Percussione con Forza - Hultqvist, Composition No.1; Blomqvist, Tass/A; Olofsson, Minotaur Labyrinth; Rehnqvist, Strömmar; Lindwall, Clash; Kerstin Jeppsson, Prometheus. J.Axelsson, Percussion.

16.50 *
Product no.: 171-865

New Music for two Marimbas - Miyoshi, Etude concertante; Zouhar, Duny; Lopez, African Winds; Ptaszynska, Scintilla, Landeghem, Sohum & Shakti. E.Slazak, G.Collet, Marimba

18.50 €
18.50 *

out of print

Product no.: 171-936

Aurora Borealis - Music for Marimba and Percussion (2009) - 55 Min.; Thrower, Aurora Borealis; Abe, Wind Sketch II + Reflections on Japanese Childrens Songs II; Pawassar, Sculpture in Wood; Sima, The Blues Thing; Piazzolla, Prologue; Wirtz, Valse Valse. Interpreten: B.Bacanu, Christoph Sietzen, Emiko Uchiyama, Vladimir Petrov.

17.00 €
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-325

Ifukube, Lauda Concertata for Marimba & Orchestra (26'35); Sejourne: Concerto for Marimba Solo & Strings (29'50) + Concert for Marimba Quartet "Gotan" (27'42). Bogdan Bacanu, Marimba; Wave Quartet, Marimba and Percussion; Romanian National Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Cristian Mandeal (Total Time: 84'10)

19.50 *
Product no.: 171-830
Marimba Concertos - 3 Cembalokonzerte von J.S.Bach (BWV 1052, 1054, 1056), bearbeitet für 2 Marimbas und Orchester. Bogdan Bacanu, Katarzyna Mycka, Marimba. National Radio Orchestra Bucharest.
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-743
Werke von Keiko Abe: Variations on Japanese Childrens Songs, Piacer d'amor, Memories of the Seashore, Ancient Vase, Alone, Little Windows, Wind Sketch, Wind in the Bamboo Groove, Itsuki Fantasy, Kazak Lullaby, Marimba d'amore. B.Bacanu, Marimba
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-852
Rhythms of Life - Musik von John Thrower: Just One World; Love Songs; Rhythms of Life. B.Bacanu, M.Kamiya, Marimba; K.Dimopoulou, Sopran; Salzburg Solisten Orchestra
17.00 *
Product no.: 171-854
True Colours - Sejourne, Concerto f. Marimba and String Orch.; Thrower, True Colours + Rhythms of Life (Solo Version); Bach, Chaconne d-moll. B.Bacanu, Marimba; Salzburg Solisten, Ltg. E.Donhoffer
17.00 *
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