Bodega Eral Bravo

Bodega Eral Bravo

Location = Luján de Cuyo - Mendoza

Own vineyards = 72ha

Grape varieties = Malbec, Merlot, Syrah und Cabernet Sauvignon

Production = 100.000 million liters per year

The name Eral Bravo refers to the second big family tradition of the Nieto’s – the breading of iberic bulls, the „Toro Bravo“ in the region of Salamanca/Spain. There the two to three year old bull is named „Eral“. In this age the Toro starts to develop his most important characteristic, the wildness, in Spanish „La Bravura“. It is exactly this quality, which should classify the wineries’ products. Eral Bravo owns three vineyards in privileged growing zones of Mendoza. Two are currently in production, Finca El Recodo with old vines in Luján de Cuyo, from which the grapes for the top wines are harvested, and Finca Los Indios in the Uco Valley which provides the grapes for the Urano label. The third vineyard - Finca Montalba – is currently re-planted with new vines. Matías Nieto was able to convince Mauricio Lorca to join his project as winemaker, so that a superior and continuous quality with Argentinean character is ensured. Eral Bravo has a clear vision, which is to produce high-quality wines in limited quantity, searching for intense sensorial richness expressed through a deep and vivid colour, intense aromas and a great complexity on the palate with a notable prominence of the fruit.

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