Bodega Familia Schroeder

Bodega Familia Schroeder

Location = San Patricio del Chañar - Neuquén

Own vineyards = 140ha

Grape varieties = Torrontés, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon

Production = 2,5 million liters per year


From the moment Charles Darwin used to traverse these plains, the Patagonia has always been a land of dreamers and explorers pursuing precious and mysterious treasures. A land of infinite horizons and limpid skies, which offers overwhelming sunny days and cool starry nights. The vineyards in the valleys of the river Neuquén in Northern Patagonia produce unique wines, as unique as the mystic charm of this land. Familia Schroeder is an Argentinean family with European origins but deeply rooted since three generations in their Patagonian homeland. They have committed themselves to taking care of the soil, satisfying people’s necessities and going beyond their dreams. They have chosen the viti-viniculture as the unique link between the past and the future, and because they want their wines to transmit the deep spirit and mysterious enchantment of the Patagonia. One is often surprised to learn how far south wines are produced in Argentina and how much elegance and strength the „wines from the end of the world“ offer. The wide thermal amplitude between night and day reaching 20°C and the special climate during the ripening phase of the grapes provide for excellent colour, acidity and aroma levels. Frequent winds help to keep the vines in very sane conditions, so that the use of chemicals is minimal to non existent. The special design of the winery, adapted to the hill’s outline with five levels, allows the natural movement of grapes and the use of gravity for the delicate elaboration of the wines: level 1 = reception of the grapes, level 2 = pneumatic pressing; level 3 = stainless steel tanks (fermentation); level 4 = oak barrels; level 5 = filling and storage. In the centre of the building you will find an impressive 22 metres high hall. During construction of the winery, fossilised bones of a huge 9 metres high and 20 metres long dinosaur Titanosaurus araucanicus were found. It gave the wines its name: SAURUS. Wines that persuade with intense colour and complex aromas.

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