Finca Lugilde Goulart

Finca Lugilde Goulart

Location: Luján de Cuyo - Mendoza

Own vineyards = 30ha

Grape varieties: Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon

Production = 100.000 liters per year


The roots of Finca Lugilde Goulart date back to the times before the Brazilian revolution in the year 1932, when the living in Argentinean exile in Mendoza bought two vineyards planted in 1915. Gastao Goulart together with other illustrious commanders headed the revolution, which led to a democratic government. The mausoleum in the Ibirapuera park in Sao Paulo is dedicated to the heroes of the revolution of 1932, where also their remains rest..

In the year 1998 his granddaughter Erika Goulart, who lives in Sao Paulo, found the old tenures for the two Fincas in Mendoza among the papers of her grandfather. In the very same year she travels to Mendoza together with her Argentinean husband José Luis Lugilde. She instantly falls in love with the unique landscape and directly starts working in the vineyards of 15 hectares each. Influenced by her own connection to the country, she moved with her husband to Argentina and runs a very successful antique shop in Buenos Aires apart from the winery. In 2002 the renowned agronomist Mauricio Pérez Parody and the two oenologists Pablo and Hector Durigutti joint the project and take over the responsibility for supervising the vineyards and the winery, which they optimise for the production for high-quality wines. As a tribute to the legacy of her grandfather Erika named the collection of her wines „Goulart Selection“.

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