Bodega Familia Arizu (Luigi Bosca)

Bodega Familia Arizu (Luigi Bosca)

Bodega Familia Arizu (Luigi Bosca)
Leoncio Arizu was 7 years old when he came to Mendoza in the year 1890, a time when electricity and locomotives were about to change the lives of Argentineans. He was welcomed by his uncle Balbino, who was already producing wines. A very interesting and important coincidence that oak would have in his life, as the Arizu name translates meaning “oak grove”. Although far away from his homeland, the Basque country in Spain, he felt at home from the first moment. As in his native town of Unzué, he just had to look up to see a horizon full of mountains and a great future. When the vines brought from Europe had stroke roots in the valley of Vistalba, Don Leoncio built his own winery in 1901 and created the vineyards in Carrodilla and La Puntilla. The saga of a family business began which today we know under the name of Bodegas Leoncio Arizu – cradle of the Luigi Bosca wines. With the involvement of his son Saturnino in the year 1933 a great tradition began of transmitting the knowledge and experience accumulated from generation to generation. Still today, after more than 100 years, the winery is in the possession of the founder’s family, now in the fourth generation. It is one of the few remaining wineries of this kind in Argentina. Leoncio Arizu produces high quality wines, using only grapes from its own vineyards. More than 200 international awards, e.g. gold medals in Bordeaux and Dogwood Nominées at the Atlanta Wine Summit, are evidence of the extraordinary quality of the wines. 1991 Luigi Bosca leads the creation of the DOC-Initiative in Lujan de Cuyo and launches the first Malbec DOC of Argentina. Today, the Arizu family remains dedicated to the fundamental values of quality and prestige, the traits that have defined their history for over 100 years, while incorporating new innovations, technological advances and responding to the specific demands of their clients in Argentina and the world. Luigi Bosca - the pride of many Argentineans on their dinner table at home or in a good restaurant.

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This wine shows how good the Tempranillo grape in Argentina really is. Violet red with blackberry and ripe plum aromas. Intense, with great body, complex, velvety finish. Ripe tannins mixed with vanilla, provided by six months ageing in american oak.

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Brilliant cherry-red colour; clean, fresh, fruity and full bodied. Aromas of red fruits, strawberry, violet and chocolate. Very soft tannins. A wine, that combines power and strength with elegance and finesse.

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Perfumed, polished, gentelman-like and juicy. Round, fruity, low tannins and apparent sweetness. Deep red-violet colour. Aromas of blackberry and plum, with hints of blackberries. Buttery, untuous, concentrated on the palate.
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The grapes were selected from de finest section of our estate vineyards; Vistalba, Carrodilla and Las Compuertas, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. Innovation and class. This Blend of Malbec, Petit Verdot and Tannat is powerful and elegant at the same time.

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The grapes for this wine were selected from de finest section of the estate vineyards; Vistalba, Carrodilla and Las Compuertas, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. Modern and revolutionary. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot seduces at first glance.

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