Bodega Tacuil (Fam. Dávalos)

Bodega Tacuil (Fam. Dávalos)

It needs a certain amount of courage and self-esteem to note on the label of every bottle „contains no oak, avoiding thereby any influence of this alien product on the extraordinary and natural characteristics of our grapes“. But this is how Raúl Dávalos is and if you meet him in the wrong moment, you will likely rather leave frustrated than considering buying his wines.

It was Doña Ascensión Isasmendi de Dávalos, who decided around the year 1870 to extent the vineyards on the family-owned Fincas Tacuil and Colomé. She bought noble vines from France and initiated industrial wine production in the Valles Calchaquíes. In the year 1989 Raúl Dávalos takes over the responsibility for the family business and the century old vineyards situated at almost 2.600m in a small valley 120km south-west of Salta, which belong to highest in the world. He begins producing his wines in the old winery in Colomé, which were only accessible to a small circle of wine lovers due to the very small production and extremely special character of the wines. And this hasn’t chance very much until today, since only 10.000 – 15.000 bottles are produced in total each year.

In the year 2000 Raúl Dávalos gives in to the enduring efforts of the Hess-Collection and sells the vineyards in the Colomé valley, but only after replanting a part of the old vines from Colomé to the neighbouring valley Tacuil in order to continue his own wine growing activities. He also plants new vines and the only difference between the three Dávalos wines is the portion of old vines used. The Viñas de Dávalos is made from 100% old vines.


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