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Artikel-Nr.: bu0201
Buch von Dr. Marie-Luise Herrmann. 360 S.Deutschsprachige Einführung in Mathematica 4 mit vielen Beispielen, sehr gut geeignet auch für den Schulbereich (weil die Autorin Lehrerin für Mathematik/Informatik und Physik ist). Bitte Liefermöglichkeit erfragen !
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Artikel-Nr.: Bu0301
This book concentrates on Mathematica's numerical mathematics capabilities. The available types of arithmetic (machine, high-precision, and interval) are introduced, discussed, and put to use. Fundamental numerical operations, such as compiling programs, fast Fourier transforms, minimization, numerical solutions of equations, and ordinary/partial differential equations, are analyzed in detail and are applied to a large number of examples in the main text and in the solutions to the exercises.
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Artikel-Nr.: bu0302
This book deals with Mathematica's symbolic mathematical capabilities. Structural and mathematical operations on single and systems of polynomials are fundamental to many symbolic calculations, and they are covered here in considerable detail. The solution of equations and differential equations, as well as the classical calculus operations (differentiation, integration, summation, series expansion, limits) are exhaustively treated. Generalized functions and their uses are discussed. In addition, this volume discusses and employs the classical orthogonal polynomials and special functions of mathematical physics. To demonstrate the symbolic mathematics power, a large variety of problems from mathematics and physics are presented.
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Artikel-Nr.: bu0303
This book provides a comprehensive step-by-step development of how to use Mathematica to visualize functions and data, manipulate graphics, and optimize their appearance. Two-dimensional graphics, contour plots, plots of surfaces, free-form three-dimensional surfaces, and animations are the core topics. Hundreds of detailed examples and programs show a large variety of visualization techniques, algorithms, methods, and tricks.
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Artikel-Nr.: bu0304
This book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step development of Mathematica programming capabilities and contains an enormous collection of examples and worked exercises. It guides the reader to become fluent in the structure of Mathematica expressions, expression evaluation, pure and named functions, and in procedural, rule-based, and functional programming constructs.
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Artikel-Nr.: bu0202

Buch von Dr. Stephen Wolfram, 1464 Seiten, englisch, Wolfram Media, 2003. Solange Vorrat reicht !
5th edition "Fully updated for Mathematica Version 5". Über den Autor: "Stephen Wolfram is the creator of Mathematica, and the founder and president of Wolfram Research. ..."

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