Clitoris Rex - the pussies from primitive times are back

Clitoris Rex - the pussies from primitive times are back

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DVD, Languages: German,
Length approx. 80 Min + Bonusmaterial,
Order No. 03 - 94
<zur Galerie Zarkon possesses the allmighty crystal, which might effect the future.

But the evil Gorgo from the tribes of the Malpetes kills Zarkon and steals the crystal, to gain leadership for himself. Zarkon´s daughter Talia wants revenge for her father. But the powerful stone has incredible powers and turns everyone into a horny being, who comes to close to it.

So it is no wonder, that the lust comes over a complete village and everyone only wants to fuck. Uncontrolled the desires are lived out and the pussies from the primitive times get it the hard way.

A classic pornmovie with Randy West and Viktoria Paris.

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