Terms and Conditions


The representation of the products of the Online-Shop doesn't represent any legally binding offer but a not binding online-catalog. According to input of your personal data and through click of the button "order completes" in the concluding step of the order-process you hand over a binding order of the merchandise contained in the merchandise-basket. The confirmation of the entrance of the order follows directly after sending of the order. The purchase-contract comes about with our delivery-confirmation or delivery of the merchandise. If you should get no delivery-confirmation or delivery of us within 2 weeks, you are no more tied at your order.


We is justifiable to part-deliveries, as far as this is reasonable for you. Additional shipping-costs originate only with express agreement.


the delivered ware remains our property until the complete payment


You can your contract-explanation without statement of reasons in text-form (Z) within two weeks.B. Letter, fax, e-mail, or through return of the ware revokes, unless, you acted (orders for entrepreneurs) in exercise of your industrial or independent vocational activity. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the ware and a detailed instruction in text-form. To the maintenance, the timely dispatch of the retraction or the ware suffices the period. The retraction is on to direct:

Stubbenfräs-Zubehör Shop Franz Hoppe... Schulstraße 17... 24640 Schmalfeld...Germany

You, to carry the costs of the return, has, if the delivered ware of this ordered corresponds and if the price of the back-sending matter an amount of 40 Euro doesn't exceed or if not yet you the return or one with a higher price of the matter at the time of the retraction contractual