Kultur und Informatik: Virtual History and Augmented Present

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Carsten Busch, Christian Kassung, Jürgen Sieck (Hrsg.):

Kultur und Informatik: „Virtual History and Augmented Present“

Tagung, 23./24. Mai 2019, Konzerthaus Berlin

Mai 2019, Hardcover, Fadenheft./Leseb., 268 S., zahlr. Abb. (S/W)

Tagungsband, Beiträge Englisch

ISBN 978-3-86488-147-3, 28,50 € (D), 29,30 € (A), 34,80 CHF


The representation of history and the presentation of the present and future are two sides of the same coin coming together in today’s media and computer technologies. Reconstruction and construction are intrinsically linked to current media techniques and are fundamentally interdependent. With that in mind, the 17th International Conference on Culture and Computer Science discusses the multifaced bridges between virtual history and augmented present.

The volume addresses cultural policy makers, employees of cultural and creative industries, communication scientists, cultural and artistic actors as well as computer scientists and engineers, who conduct research and development in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

The editors acknowledge the support of the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity. Image Space Material funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany’s Excellence Strategy – EXC 2025.

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