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You're searching for a new picture or poster for your home? That's why you are here! My posters are printed with the newest HP-plotter on high quality fotopaper. Hewlett Packard guarantees 82 years to the colours.

Because I believe in God, there are a lot of paintings which show you scenes from the bible. The area of conflict between faith/art is something that calls myself to comment. The layout design of my gouaches, watercolours and drafts is createt in a final step by computer. This art opens me a new way to life my life with God.

Sigrid Veiz


Meditation: "krieg war"

War, terror, force and adversity are topics, we will meet again and again in our everyday life. If you belong to this people who life in assuranceare, you may be touched a little bit when you hear about, but soon you are doing your daily routines and forget it.


The first direct confrontation with violence make a change.

There are victims.

There are actors.

There are participants.

There are observer.

There are helper.

There are persons in charge.

There are persons, who never didn't do this things.

There are persons, who looks the other way.

There are persons, who engage in.

There are persons, who take part in.

There are persons, who knows it better.

There are persons, who say yes.

There are persons, who say no.

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