Controller 48V 400A

Controller 48V 400A

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Als Ersatz für Cityel oder Golfcart

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General Specifications:

• Frequency of Operation: 16.6 KHz.
• Standby Battery Current: < 0.5mA.
• Controller power supply current, PWR, <150mA.
• Configurable battery voltage range, B+. Max operating range: 18V to 60V.
• Standard Throttle Input: 0-5K(2-wire resistive pot), 0-5V (3-wire resistive pot), 1-4V (hall active throttle).
• Analog Brake and Throttle Input: 0-5V or 0-5K.
• Reverse Alarm, Main Contactor Coil Driver, Meter.
• Full Power Operating Temperature Range: 0℃ to 50 ℃ (controller case temperature).
• Operating Temperature Range: -30℃ to 90 ℃, 100C shutdown (controller case temperature).
• Motor Current Limit, 1 minute: 400A.
• Motor Current Limit, continuous: 160A.

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