Langcourt cylinderrebuilding

Langcourt cylinderrebuilding

Langcourt Advanced Cylinder Technology



Langcourt LTD - Cylinderrebuilding- and Replatingservices



Henceforth FRINKEN-RACING offers exklusively in Germany the Cylinderrebuilding- and Replatingservice of the well-known specialist LANGCOURT LTD  for the Superkart sphere. Sending us all other typs of Karting cylinders is not a problem at all, of cause.



Your advantages:


full control of the costs

cheap delivery charges through consolidated shipment

quick service (usual workaround period of 10-14 working days)






up to 125 ccm - 175,- Euro incl. legal. VAT

above 125 ccm - 190,- Euro incl. legal. VAT


Cylinderreplating inclusive welding

225,- Euro incl. legal. VAT



Cylinderreplating inclusive welding and additional reparing service  

( e.g. in case of detonation damages )

250,- Euro incl. legal. VAT


Additional costs are the effective freight charges. We attempt to keep these charges as low as possible and therefor to consolidate our shipments. In this case we charge the delivery costs proportionately.


In any case we inform you about the total costs before placing your order !




How to order:

You have got one or more cylinders which have to be rebuilded. Fax or mail us, what kind of service you might require, with an exact type model of the cylinder, recommended measurement of the cylinder after the replating and your desired date.

We contact you promptly with the estimated total costs and the estimated handling time.




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