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Here: Originalhomepage Hotel Alpenrose Ischgl with onlineshop for reservations, hotel reviews, very old house directly by skipist/lift/center,

Please use only our emailadress: (!)

Here are informations about contact for a normal inquiry/booking with banktransfer or credit card (manual) or western union, Discounts (rebates), price list: Favorable (cheap) 7-days-packageprices (from Saturday to Saturday).

Please send your inquiry to our email address: ""

For our contracts the T&C (terms and conditions) at the end of this page in the foot-bar/line are valid. The T&C include the AGBH (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen der Hotellerie), which are general used laws in austrian hotel industry and our stronger AGB, also concerning macroeconmical inflation/banksystemcrash, conservation of value. You will get a travel/cancellation-insurance under (please click english version): ""

The procedure for a normal inquiry/booking with banktransfer or credit card (manuell) or with Western Union moneytransfer::

Inquiry with deposit per banktransfer

1.Please do a written inquiry to our email adress: "" or Fax: 0043 5444 5593 or to our postadress:(Salner Hotel Alpenrose GmbH, Bichlweg 19, A-6561 Ischgl-Tirol-Austria-Europa).

2. We send you an offer, which is valid the time that´s written in the offer.

3. When you´re interested, please transfer in this time the amount for the deposit that´s written in the offer with our bank data. Our bank details are (cost-saving if you use swift and iban): Name of bank: Volksbank Landeck - Filiale Ischgl; Bank code number: 45850; contonumber: 00520032837; IBAN: AT094585000520032837; SWIFT (BIC): VBOEATWWLAN; We take from all our guests latest 6 weeks before arrival date a restpayment to reach the 100% of the endsum. (For short stays, weekendstays, over New Year`s Eve time, groups of 8 persons and more, we need a prepayment of 100% as first deposit.) Without that we haven´t got a reservation anymore and we take cancellation fees wich are regulated in the "Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen für die Hotellerie" and "AGB" ("Terms and Conditions"). When you can´t manage to pay the deposit in the valid time, please inquire again. For avoidable charges the guest has to pay 100% of them. (please use IBAN and Swift-code) The costs for charges you can´t avoid will be devided and we pay 50% of them.

4. Please send us then (in the time when the offer is valid) the confirmation of the bank transfer with fax or email (jpg-file or pdf-file). Our fax number is: 0043(0)5444 5593. If we don't have the copy of the bank transfer (e.g. online screenprint, bankconfirmation with stamp or an internetprint), you have no booking/reservation. The offer is valid three days. If you can't manage it in this time, you have to inquire again, please. The copy of the banktransfer has to include following details please: name of person who did the inquiry, the period you book for, number of persons in sum, kind of room(s).

5. When we receive your bank transfer copy in time, you have a "prereservation".

6. When the money arrives on our bank account, you get a written booking confirmation from us.


Inquiry with deposit per credit card (manuell):

We accept all common credit cards.

ichlweg 19, A-6561 Ischgl-Tirol-Austria-Europa).


2. We send you an offer, which is valid the time that´s written in the offer.

3.We please need the name of the owner of the credit card, the credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card, the three-digit check number on the back side of the creditcard and a written confirmation of the guest, that Hotel Alpenrose promptly can debit the amount of the preypayment (deposit) with the data of the credit card you gave us. At the same time, we need please, if possible, a copy of the passport side with the signature of the owner of the credit card and also a copy of the credit card itself where we can see your signature. It´s very important that you also give us your telephone number to call you, if there are any problems with the procedure. Please send us all these datas with email (only jpg or pdf file) or fax. The offer is the time which is mentioned in our offer. If you can't manage it in this time, you have to inquire again, please.

4. You then will get immediately (as soon as possible) a receipt from the creditcardterminal so that you can see, that we debited from your credit card exactly the amount of the deposit. Meanwhile you have a "prereservation" in our hotel.

5. You'll get the written and valid booking confirmation from us as soon as the credit card company has transfered your deposit (prepayment) on the Alpenrose bank account. That normally takes one to four working-days and also depends, how fast our bank send us the bank receipt.



Inquiry with deposit per Western Union Moneytransfer:

1. Please make a written inquiry per email to: or per fax to: 0043 (0) 5444 5593 or per postservice: Salner Hotel Alpenrose GmbH, Bichlweg 19, A-6561 Ischgl Austria Europe.

2. You get an written offer from us.

3. Please call us back, before you send the prepayment, as soon as possible and ask for example Mr. Salner personally, if the room is still free. Our phone number: 0043 (0) 5444 5276. Western Union Moneytransfer is an international and global acting service and is very serious, solid and fast and we use it since several years. There is also Western Union in your town. For this, please see . There please click, in the upper right side corner for example the english version, and your country. There you can find a button "find an agent” where you can find out where you can do a western union transfer in your town. When you finally found it, it is very important that you take your passport with you there to transfer the money, otherwise you have no chance to do that. There you have to fill out a form. Then please fax us the number of the transfer (MTCN) (see point 4.). Mister Salner (Boss), will then go to our location for western union in ischgl to get the money. It only takes a few minutes, till the money is here in Ischgl. We will pay 50% of Western-Union-banktransfer-fees. Please make a prepayment of 100 % of the endsum of the accomodation. Receiveradress is: Salner Bernhard, Hotel Alpenrose, Bichlweg 19, A-6561 Ischgl.

4. For the legally binding reservation: please send us back a fax or email with a copy of the transfer confirmation, where we can find the transfercode. Faxnumber: 0043 (0)5444 5593. If possible, the transfer confirmation should contain the following details: room category (if you already know the number of the room), the time when you want to stay here, your address and telephone number (very important if there are any problems), number of persons. Without the sending of the banktransfer-confirmation with the moneytransfercode by fax or email, you have no reservation. We beg for your understanding for this reservationorganisation.

5. Please follow the above mentioned four points. Only when we told you that there is a free room, please make the transfer per Western Union and send us the Banktransfercopy with the moneytransfercode. Only then you will get our confirmation. In the case, that you cannot organise it in the time of validity of our offer, please make a new inquiry.



Discounts/Rebates: You get them only if you tell us before reservation. After the reservationprocess you cannot get any more rebates/discounts.

Early reservation reduction: starting with -20%. If you want only 1 roomstartcleaning you get -10%, but daily towel- and garbage/rubbishdisposalservice and bedtextileusage is always included in the price.

parking place:

If you come with less or without car, you get about 5 % reduction per day per person in highseasontimes.


Only children until 8 years get a redution of 50% as a third and or fourth person in the double room or in a shared room, so minimum two persons have to pay full.


In rooms with 3 and more beds in it, you get a reduction of 10 % per person per day but only if there is taken no kind of childrenreduction in this room.

provision for tourist agency: -10%

provision frequenters: if you have been more then 5 times in our hotel, you get -5%

free place regulation: more than 8 persons: -2,5%

Favorable (cheap) 7-days-package(pauschale)prices (from Saturday to Saturday)

Guests which stay 7 days (from Saturday to Saturday), know the true promise of favorable Pauschales/packages, which, normally have to pay an deposit of 40% to max. 100% from the endsum (6 weeks before arrival). A pauschale including 7 days accommodation with rich breakfast buffet and dinner. Below you will see the pauschal/packageprices for doublebedroom category B. Singelbedrooms will cost plus 20 %, Doublebedroom categorie A will cost plus 10%, Morebedroom (3 to 4 personen in 1 room) minus 10 % per person per night. The cheapast possible 6-days-Skipass costs extra and you have to pay it by the cablecar. Also the other hotels get this cheap skipassprices for their pauschalen(packages).


Short overview pricelist: Here prices for example for doublebedroom standart, category B and always included here is the "daily roomcleaning".

Time from - to: Only possible with Bed and rich Breakfastbuffet price/per person/per night. We start with 20% earlyreservationreduction, depending on how much is already reservated in the whised time. Prices are in Euro. Please take advantage of our several possibilities for discounts/reductions.

It is only possible inclusive Bed and rich Breakfastbuffet.

                                        Preise  2016/2017

Nur inklusive Uebernachtung & reichhaltigem Fruehstueck(sbuffet):
WE: 25.11.2016 - 27.11.2016 ÜF 93.-Euro (nur Fr.-So.)
WE: 02.12.2016 - 04.12.2016 ÜF 53.-Euro (nur Fr.-So.)
WE: 09.12.2016 - 11.12.2016 ÜF 63.-Euro (nur Fr.-So.)
WE: 16.12.2016 - 18.12.2016 ÜF 73.-Euro (nur Fr.-So.)
17.12.2016 - 24.12.2016 ÜF 41.-Euro 
24.12.2016 - 31.12.2016 ÜF 93.-Euro 
31.12.2016 - 07.01.2017 ÜF 93.-Euro 
07.01.2017 - 14.01.2017 ÜF 53.-Euro
14.01.2017 - 21.01.2017 ÜF 63.-Euro 
21.01.2017 - 28.01.2017 ÜF 73.-Euro 
28.01.2017 - 04.02.2017 ÜF 63.-Euro 
04.02.2017 - 11.02.2017 ÜF 63.-Euro 
11.02.2017 - 18.02.2017 ÜF 73.-Euro 
18.02.2017 - 25.02.2017 ÜF 83.-Euro 
25.02.2017 - 04.03.2017 ÜF 93.-Euro 
04.03.2017 - 11.03.2017 ÜF 83.-Euro 
11.03.2017 - 18.03.2017 ÜF 63.-Euro 
18.03.2017 - 25.03.2017 ÜF 53.-Euro 
25.03.2017 - 01.04.2017 ÜF 41.-Euro 
01.04.2017 - 08.04.2017 ÜF 53.-Euro
08.04.2017 - 15./16./17.04.2017 ÜF 63.-Euro nur ab Sa., mind.7 und max.9 N.
WE: 21.04.2017 - 23.04.2017 ÜF 41.-Euro (nur Fr.-So.)
WE: 28.04.2017 - 01.05.2017 ÜF 93.-Euro (nur Fr.-Mo.)

The "General Terms and Conditions of Austria" (AGBH) are valid and our stronger AGB-Terms and Conditions (please see below in the foot-bar/line), also concerning macroeconomical inflation/banksystemcrash, conservation of value.>/p>


Our statements and responses to the reviews, tests, reports, and evaluations for our hotel from everywhere in the internet:


We are happy about reviews and reports from guests for our hotel. For critique/proposal, our hotel also gives some statements, in the sake of completeness.


First, we give here a summary of , (reviews are too old from 2004/2006 and outdated) ), (copied and insertet reviews from others, outdated),
The main problem with groups is, that not each groupmember does get all informations directly from our hotel, but only from the groupdleader. The groupleaders sometimes keep in secret, that Hotel Alpenrose in Ischgl is a twostar hotel. In consequence, some not well informed groupmembers have wrong expectations, when they arrive in our hotel, and that causes bad atmosphere for them, for us and sometimes also for other tourists. These groupmembers expect, that they arrive in a fourstar hotel, are frustrated and others have to suffer from that, and this can not be accepted by the hotelmanagement. Anoter problem is the highpriced and highmarked Ischgl price-level. So our prices have to be seen, please, in relation to the high ischgl price level. Furthermore Hotel Alpenrose has a lot of children to feed, and needs the money. For groups our hotel is not fitted. Every room in Hotel Alpenrose is different. The wooden floor does not give noise everywhere (only in some rooms of the 1950ies), and our solid bed plates does make nois very seldom. Individual joy is therefore not automatical a hearable groupjoy.Our hotel is one of the few houses, which is grown naturally. Everything is very functional. A big part of the furnishing ist from the 1970ies. Some bathrooms from the 60ies are very small. Those who do not like old things should not reservate, please. Those who respect, old things with experienced growth over decades, will feel well in our hotel. We have very good location, in the center of Ischgl, directly by the cablecar "Pardatschgratbahn" and the skipist. That is also the reason for our price. Those who like nightlife, should reservate a room in front of the house and open the window during the night and there can be heard some of Ischgl nightlife. Those who like it (absolutely) quiet, should reservate a room in the back side of the hotel, please.

“Poor value Alpenrose”: Here we have to give some statements. "The food was simple but mostly edible.": Our food consits of best ingredients. So we are sad, that we cannot fulfill everyones taste. "We had to share a small table with a young German couple and another elderly German chap": In highseasontimes, when our hotel is full, guests have to share the table with other guests sometimes. This is normally no problem and a possibility to make friends, if friends are wanted. This fact is standing everywhere in our homepage and in every offer the guest get from us, so it should be known in advance. "The dining room reminded me of a youth hostel": Our diningroom is partly from the 1950ies, 1960ies, 1980ies and 1990ies. Guests who like old grown houses will feel good. Guests who do not respect old, over decades grown houses, should not reservate our hotel, please. Every guest gets informations that we are a two star hotel because of small, old facilities. "The hotel was very noisy": The frontside of our hotel is to the side of the center of the village. The back side of our hotel is to the side of the end of the village and very quiet. Sometimes other guests are noisy. Altogether we will find a solution in this case. "lack of any ambience": Oh, we have to offer more ambience than any new hotel. Generations of guests already stayed in our house. Every furniture can tell a long story. Precondition is that the guest has respect for old things and history. If a guest does not like old facilities, please this kind of guest should not make a reservation in our hotel. Every guest gets a lot of information with our offer texts and knows that the hotel is a twostar hotel because it is old. We have free winetasting, cocktail-taste-evening and music-evening with very good ambience, too


* Prices incl. VAT