Here: Originalhomepage Hotel Alpenrose Ischgl with onlineshop for reservations, hotel reviews, very old house directly by skipist/lift/center,

To rent Hotel Alpenrose in the center of Ischgl, 1600000,- Prepayment absolutely necessary, otherwise we continue running the hotel ourselfes. Rental-duration: 20 years, start of rental: 1.5.2017. For rent use only 0041 791062222. Privat room for renters in the cellar/basement, owners right to life inside hotel-appartements garanteed like up to now, 65 guest-beds, 2 stars, old, year of construction average 1970, last equipment-permission/licence 2001.

New!: 50% discount for hotelvouchers already for this holiday with a time-run of 5 years. You can buy and pay them online on the website on "Product/Operation/Onlineshop" with the product "crowdfunding Anteil in Form von Hotelgutscheinen/share hotel in form of hotelvouchers".  The conditions for this you can read also there, please, by the productdescription. We do have only Bed and Breakfast(buffet), no more halfboard, no more dinner. We do not have a public room or loungeroom or common room. We do have only a breakfastroom, for having breakfast only. For shortime-stays and weekends we do not have a roomstartcleaning-discount anymore.
Welcome in the Alpenrose: To live up to the name Alpenrose, several blossoms of equal value, with you together, build a nice slowly growing highmountain flower. Our goal/ideal is: to live simply/healthy, to respect all natural grown/history/old and to keep and conserve the proven. That is not always easy nowadays, also not always easy for our guests.

We are a traditional, family run hotel, in excellent location, with personal face-to-face service. Our house is very old. Therefore we have only 2 stars. But in exchange, our house is cosy and has atmosphere. A grade up for our hotel is the excellent location, in the center of Ischgl, right next to Pardatschgrat-cablecar and the ski pist (only 50 seconds to walk). Best food material and a high cleaningstandart is characteristic for us. In the mornings you get a lavish breakfast buffet that will leave you prepared for a great day, and in the evenings you get, if you wish, a hearty and tasty dinner. Sat-TV and pay-WLAN/pay-WIFI is everywhere. We have long texts. But the most important is standing at the beginning.

Our hotel is one of the few, over decades, naturally grown hotels. And so, everything is well functional. A big part of our furniture is from the 1970ies. Some bathrooms from the 60ies, not all, are small. For those, who do not like "very old equipment", it is better not to reservate, please. Those, who can respect things, which are old and experienced growth over decades, will feel good in our hotel.

Wellness and indoor pool with public mixed sauna, massage etc. you find in the Silvrettacenter, which is only 4 minutes walk away from Alpenrose.

Up here, by clicking "free rooms/prices/onlinereservation" you can also do an online-reservation, like with an onlineshop, and(!) at the same time, a certified, secure, 40%-100% of endsum online-payment of your holidaytimeproduct. You get then online, automatically and prompt, an online-reservation-confirmation. Our top-service for you. 

Ischgl has a high price level. Our prices have to be seen, please, in relation to the high prices in Ischgl, to get a real imagination of what is fact.

Our comments to reviews, tests, evaluations, travel records, of everywhere in the internet, of some guests who stayed in our hotel, you see up here under the rigister: "request/reviews".

The businessculture concept/vision of Salner Hotel Alpenrose GmbH is: „Swords to ploughshares.“ (Bible: Micha 4). Every war, does not matter for whatever reason, is crime, is murder, and should be treated like this. Peace is not a luxury paradies, but hard work in simplicity. For that, solidarity, tolerance and respect between all humans is necessary, what is not easy always, for us and our guests :) (comment of composer/writer: one of the bosses - Salner Bernhard).

The austrian AGBH an our General Terms and Conditions (T&C, AGB) are valid. For details, please click below in the footer. They also contain a stable value clause for the hotel.