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SF Pressure Drop 7.x for Windows calculates pressure drops of flowing liquids and gases in pipes (laminar and turbulent flow). It's also possible to calculate pressure changes caused by vertical difference of pipe and caused by changes of kinetic energy (dynamic pressure change).

SF Pressure Drop calculates also pressure drops in pipe elements (example: changes of direction) and in diverse fittings (valves, bellows etc.). A list of the calculable elements see below.
It's possible to combine diverse elements and so you will get total pressure drop.

To calculate pressure drop you need data of pipes (rougness) and data of flow medium (density, viscosity). These data are available in several databases. An additional possibility to save your own data is the user-defined database.

Further features


Database Standard Parts (EN/ISO/DIN/ASME/ANSI)

Dimensions and inner diameter of

  • Circular pipes
  • Rectangular pipe
  • Bends
  • Contractions
  • Enlargements
  • Tees

Database of properties of liquids and gases and property calculation (density, viscosity)

  • Calculation of properties of water and steam according Industry Standard IAPWS-IF 97 (all conditions within the range 0 to 900 °C and 0 to 1000 bar are calculable)
  • Properties dry and humid air and air in saturation state
  • Properties of miscellaneous liquids and gases: Besides the properties, which are available as measured values you can estimate properties of more than 300 gases and liquids at different temperature and pressure. You can also estimate mixtures.
  • Estimation of refrigerants at different temperature and pressure
  • Estimation of aqueous solutions
  • Estimation of heat trensfer oils
  • Estimation of liquid refrigerants
  • Flexible user database for liquids and gases, editable and extensible by the user
  • Automatic update of gas data after each calculation

Further calculation methods

  • Quick pump design
  • Calculation of pressure drop dependent on rate of flow (showing and printing the characteristic curve)
  • Channel calculation and design according Manning-Strickler
  • Discharge calculations (constant and decreasing liquid level)
  • Orifice design
  • Calculation of an economic pipe-diameter at a known rate of flow
  • Calculation of NPSH; the needed vapor pressure and density are available in a database
  • Calculation of pipe volume and filling time of the whole project or of a part of the project
  • Conversion of rate of flow to velocity and inverse at a known pipe diameter
  • Conversion from normal-m3 to working-m3
  • Conversion from kv value to resistance coefficient
  • Conversion from Cv value to resistance coefficient


  • Input and output of data: You can choose any unit you like
  • Database of resistance coefficients of fittings, editable and extensible by the user
  • Possibility to save and open SF Pressure Drop project-files
  • Printing the calculation table: Page preview and arranging; many export functions
  • You can select the language (English/German)

SF Pressure Drop calculates the pressure drop of the following pipe elements:

Irreversible pressure drops (caused by friction, turbulences and flow separation)
Straight pipes Circular pipe, rectangular pipe, circular ring, channel, corrugated pipe, other forms
Pipe entrances Sharp edged entrance, rounded entrance, sharp edged entrance with angle, inward projecting pipe entrance
Changes of section Sudden and gradual enlargement, sudden and gradual contraction
Bends Circular bend, bend of segments, cast iron bend, rectangular bend, miter bend circular, miter bend rectangular
Brandings of current Tee sharp edged, tee globular, tee rounded bottom plain, tee globular neck rounded, branch flowing asunder, branch flowing together, y-pipe straight, y-pipe bent
Bellows Compensator corrugated tube, lyra-bend, u-bend
Valves Globe valve, globe valve y-pattern, angle valve, gate valve, cock, swing valve
Check valves Check valve globe lift, check valve y-pattern globe lift, check valve swing
Nozzles and orifices Orifice ISO 5167, orifice sharp-edged, orifice round-edged, orifice thick-edged, nozzle, long radius nozzle, venturi tube
Perforated plates Perforated plate thin circular, perforated plate thin rectangular, perforated plate thick circular, perforated plate thick rectangular
Strainers and grids Metal grid circular, metal grid rectangular, metal wire circular, metal wire rectangular, two-plane screen circular, two-plane screen rectangular, y-strainer, screen basket filter, conical strainer
Resistance coefficients Resistance coefficient of circular and rectangular pipes
Reversible pressure changes (caused by vertical differences of pipe and by changes of kinetic energy)
Reversible pressure changes Vertical difference, dynamic pressure change of circular and rectangular pipes




Windows XP/Vista/7

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