Quattro Höhenwarner von Larsen & Brusgaard

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Der neuste Höhenwarner von L&B mit noch mehr Warnstufen  ist das Alternativprodukt zum Optima II.

Optimal für:

  • Bigways/ Großformationen,
  • Freeflying
  • Wingsuit
  • Student
  • Tandem
  • und AFF geeignet.

Er hat bis zu vier Warnstufen für den freien Fall und kann 3 Warnstufen unter der Schirmfahrt akustisch darstellen. Während des Steigfluges kann er ebenfalls bis zu drei Höhen akustisch anpiepsen um ein besseres Höhenbewußsein  zu erreichen.



The QUATTRO™ audible altimeter is the latest in micro technology and features the most advanced programming for accurately measuring freefall & canopy descent rates. The QUATTRO™ allows the skydiver four sets of warning altitudes for high speed and three for low speed flight. This provides added interactivity in configuring frequently used warning alarms.

The QUATTRO™ can also be set up to three climb warning alarms for the ultimate in precision altitude awareness.

The QUATTRO is fully automatic and can be manually turned off or on as well. The QUATTRO continually reads ambient air pressure for real-time accuracy and attention to ground level.

The QUATTRO's small and ergonomic design provides the user with comfort and less bulk when used inside a soft or hard-shell helmet. Rigging materials are included for those wishing to mount the audible on the outside of a helmet.

The QUATTRO is specifically designed for advanced skydiving disciplines: Bigways, Formation Skydiving, Freeflying, Wingsuit Flying, Student, Tandem, AFF, and also canopy related activities such as accuracy and CRW.


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Batterien für Solo Optima Viso Batterien für Solo Optima Viso
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Tasche für Viso / Optima / Solo Tasche für Viso / Optima / Solo
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Airfilter & Tooling Kit Removal  für Viso II und Optima II Solo II Airfilter & Tooling Kit Removal für Viso II und Optima II Solo II
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