Terms and Conditions




Under the http://www.hauck-art.de pursue Norma C. & Bernd Hauck a Shop Gallery for original coloured etchings, etchings on art-cards, graphics and paintings which can be acquired as not framed.  All contact agreements between Norma C. Hauck and  Bernd Hauck and your customer are subject to exclusively the general business condition of Norma C. Hauck and Bernd Hauck. Divergenting business conditions of the customers find no application. Individual agreement need to your efficacy of the writing. The customer is obligated to it, the statements (name, address etc. ) demanded in the order-form truly and to make completely. From the falsity of such statements resulting damages has to replace the customer.

If one of the clauses should be or become these business conditions ineffective, so is not touched the efficacy of the remaining clauses thereby.  Should Bernd & Norma C. Hauck  to you a translation of the German poise of the terms of the contract make available, are with it in agreement, that the translation is provided only to your information purposes and that your contact agreements to Hauck Grafig Art GbR conforms  according to the German poise of the terms of the contract. If there should be contradictions between the contents of the German edition and the contents of the translation, goes ahead the German edition.



Them from Bernd Hauck & Norma C. Hauck on  these homepage displayed articles put     no agreements offer there, but solely an invitation at the customer, personally       a request to buy. Buying-appeals can by as regards in order-form online to delivered. The proposition of the customer counts through direct delivery, i.e. delivery of the product at the carrier/carrier/ post as accepted. Buying-appeals of the customer are accepted only to the respectively current prices and conditions. All prices understand themselves incl. the legal value-added tax (at this time 7% for unframed etching, only for Germany. The prices understand themselves excl. postage and cost of packaging.

Bernd and Norma C. Hauck take over no guarantee for it, that all products offered on the website are any time available. If a product should not be available, so becomes Bernd Hauck & Norma C. Hauck their customers about this immediately inform. If the customer should have paid the product already, so is refunded him/it the corresponding amounting immediately.



Recalling the Order


You/They have the right, to revoke the purchase contract within 14 days from receipt of the product. For the protection of this time limit the timely dispatching of the revocation suffices.  You can the revocation in writing or on an other lasting data carrier, per email or through simple return of the product explain. The revocation is to be directed to following address:

Hauck Grafik Art   Bernd & Norma C. Hauck Dorfstrasse  45 D-31637  Rodewald

Through the timely revocation you are bound no more at the contract with Hauck Grafig Art. It by you already paid purchasing price becomes repayment. You/They are obligated solely to the return of the product.

The costs of the return go at the expense of the customer. Send returns always sufficient stamps at upstairs staying address.




Bernd Hauck & Norma C. Hauck take over no assurance for minor deviations of the delivered product. Original coloured etchings are not minor deviations in the shade fully avoidable. Such deviations do not authorize to the complaint.

Amiss dispatching and evident defects are through the customer within two weeks after delivery of the product known to give.






The original color-etchings and paintings expelled on these homepage are copyrighted worldwide. The customer is not legitimate, these articles themselves or to manufacture through thirds, to multiply or to expel. 



Reservation of proprietary rights


Delivered product remains up to their complete payment in the property Hauck Grafig Art.

Sell the customer ownership reservation items of Bernd  & Norma C. Hauck, he has so the reservation of proprietary rights to transmit.

Grabbed thirds at ownership reservation items of Norma C. & Bernd Hauck, the customer has to announce Hauck Grafig Art GbR. immediately. 

Mortgages and others the ownership reservation items are only with prior consent of Hauck Grafig Art GbR. permissible.

If the customer does not provide at contrary to the contract terms conduct, particularly default, after warning immediately payment, so has he/it the ownership reservation goods of Hauck Grafig Art GbR. to publish. The customer carries the costs of the returned.




The payment results for customers per credit card, against bill, against cash in advance or per C.O.D.

Deliveries outside Germany result only against payment with credit card or C.O.D.



Data protection


All personal data are treated fundamentally confidentially. The data do not become at thirds to rise above for the contracts secured necessary data are stored and transmitted as part of the orders secured if necessary at joined enterprise. 


Place of performance, jurisdiction


The place of performance and jurisdiction is in Rodewald. 

Hauck Grafig Art    Bernd Hauck &  Norma C. Hauck Dorfstrasse 45 D – 31637 Rodewald Telephone 05074 – 92244 Fax:      05074 – 92235 Email: hauck-art@arcor.de    www. hauck-art.de 

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