TEENAGE DANCE PARTY Vol. 3 - Various Artists - LP HYDRA

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Interpret: Various Artists

Art: LP

Label: Hydra

Artikel Nr.: BLK 7714



1  Bill Boy Bop                           Eliott Bros

2  It´s Got To Go                        Sandy Shaw

3  Music drives Me Crazy         Patty Andrews

4  Football Rock                       Jack Hammer

5  Rock´n Roll Baby                  Bill Darnell

6  Rock Of Gibralta                   Hank Penny

7  Little Miss Bobby Sox           Bonnie Lou

8  She Loves To Rock              Lanz Miles



1  Baby It´s Love                      Johnny Angel

2  Chigger Chagger Wa Wa     Cab Calloway

3  Pepper Hot Baby                 J P Morgan

4  Please Please                     Homer Ersk

5  Before You Go                     The Twin Tones

6  Cry Baby Blues                   De Castro Sisters

7  Rockin´ In The Roicket Room  Frances Langford

8  String Band Hop                 The Corvets

9  Talk About A Party              Butch Stone


Teil 3 in der unserer Teen Age Dance Party Serie bring mehr guten tanzbaren Rock & Roll und Jive aus den 1950er. Viele seltene Aufnahmen die hier erstmalig wieder veröffentlicht wurden. 


Part 3 in our Teen Age Dance Party series brings more good danceable Rock & Roll and Jive from the 1950s. Many rare recordings that have been re-released here for the first time. 

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