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Art : CD
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BCK 27145


1  Tell me That You Care

2  Let´s Talk Abvout Us

3  Come Away

4  This That ´n The Other

5  I´ll Never Question Your Love

6  All Night Baby

7  Sacroiliac Swing

8  Double Cross Baby

9  Don´t Blooper

10 I Love Paris

11 Whadaya Want

12 Smokey Joe´s Cafe

13 Wine Woman And Gold

14 Out Of The Picture    (Live)

15 Cherry Lips   (Live)

16 Cherry Lips

17 Merry-Go Rock

18 The Smiling Gondolier

19 Blues In The Night

20 My Love Will never Change

21 Where´s The Fire

22 Say You Will be Mine

23 Star Light Star Bright

24 Garden Of Memories

25 Sweet Thing

26 I Know What I Want

27 Ambush

28 My Life Would Be Worth Living


Grady Chapman (October 1, 1929 – January 4, 2011)] was best known as the American lead singer of doo wop group The Robins.

Born in Greenville, South Carolina, Chapman joined The Robins in 1952, singing alongside Bobby Nunn, Billy Richards, Roy Richards, Ty Terrell, and later Carl Gardner. During that time, the Robins recorded for RCA, and later Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller's Los Angeles -based "Spark" label. In 1958, he wrote "Sweet Pea" (Class Records #232) for Bob and Earl. He started a solo career recording Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues for various label. Chapman would later become a member of one of the Coasters' many spin-off groups. Chapman would also substitute for Carl Gardner a few times in the 1990s and 2000s with The Coasters. He still performed as Grady Chapman & The Robins with various back-up musicians, until his death, from congestive heart failure, on January 4, 2011.

For the first time all of his Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues solo recordings plus some group efforts with him as lead vocalist are compiled together for this album.


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