JOEY WELZ Rockabilly Years LP HYDRA

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Interpret1 :JOEY WELZ
Art : LP
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BLK 7713



1  You´re The One

2  You Drive Me Wild

3  Mrs. Lindy

4  Lonesome Boy

5  Crazy Mixed Up baby

6  Endless Sleep

7  Jitterbug Rock



1  Boppin´ The Stroll

2  Whistlin´ Piano Man

3  Whistlin´ Man´s Boogie

4  Come On

5  Summer Scene

6  Oh How I Want You Near

7  Shore Party



Here we present the early Rock & Roll and Rockabilly recordings for the first time on an LP.

Joseph W. Welz (born Welzant, March 17, 1940) is an American musician best known for his short tenure as pianist with Bill Haley & His Comets.
Welz was born in Baltimore and started his music career with his group the Jay Rockers in the 1950s. Welz was amongst the first group of rock and roll pianists to start using the boogie-woogie style with his left hand. He attributes this to the lack of a bassist in his band, forcing him to play basslines using his left hand.
He attracted the attention of Bill Haley when The Jay Rockers opened for the Comets. While serving as a recording engineer for the Armed Forces Network in Berlin, Welz recorded and co-produced a live session for Bill Haley & His Comets for AFN Frankfurt. (see Hydra CD Bill Haley On The Air). Upon exiting the military in 1963, Welz later joined the Comets as pianist for a few weeks. It was also during this time that Welz signed a record deal with Canadian-American Records and released the single "Hey Little Moonbeam".
In 1969, Welz recorded an album entitled "Listen To The Voices" with Link Wray which was released on Music City Records. Welz also recorded an album called "Revival Fires" with Roy Buchanan in the late 1960s. After Haley's death in 1981 Welz organized a Comets reunion which performed on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder on NBC. This was followed by a tour of America and a single penned by Welz, Al Rappa and Franny Beecher entitled "Bring Back the Music" in 1982.
Welz spent a majority of the 1980s in the studio with the Great Train Robbery, recording heavier rock and roll, including "In My Car", "Rockin' In America", and a heavy metal version of "Rock Around The Clock".
He is the owner and CEO of Canadian-American Records and Caprice International Records. In the 1990s Welz began writing and recording country music in Nashville with the Nashville Now Band .Since the early 2000s Welz has annually toured in France with the Captain Joe Combo. Welz continues to write and produce new albums up to the present day.

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