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Interpret1 :LUKE MC DANIEL
Art : LP
Label : HYDRA
Artikel Nr. : #BLK 7715



1  Whoa Boy

2  Daddy O Rock

3  Hey Woman

4  Switch Blade Sam

5  Foxy Dan

6  Uh Huh Huh

7  Hard Luck

8  Bottoms Up

9  I´m Tired Of These Country Ways

10 Bye Bye Daddy  (aka Bye Bye Baby)

11 Foxy Dan

12 You´re Still On my Mind

13 Homeward Mule


1  I Can´t Go

2  For Old Times Sake

3  Money Bag Woman

4  Let Me Be Souvenir

5  Drive On

6  The Automobile Song

7  Honey Won´t You Please Come Home

8  Living In A House Of Sin

9  One More Heart

10 Crying My Heart Out For You

11 Hurts Me So


Luke McDaniel (* February 3, 1927 in Ellisville, Mississippi; † June 27, 1992 in Mobile, Alabama), also known as Jeff Daniels, was an American country and rockabilly singer.
Luke McDaniel was born as one of four children of Jesse and Viola McDaniel. After he bought a used mandolin, he taught himself to play it. He formed his first band with Howard Overstreet (guitar) and Red Davis (double bass).
McDaniels and his band soon got a morning radio show. Shortly after, he started touring with country musicians Curley Fox and Texas Ruby. In 1950, however, he started his own band again; he did not like the style of his tour partners. He introduced himself at Trumpet Records in Jackson, Mississippi. After writing a few songs in the style of Hank Williams, his first record was released. The title Whoa Boy became his first hit, which was covered by Red Smith among others.
In 1953, a few months before his death, he performed together with Hank Williams in Biloxi. Besides he had several radio and television appearances. Because he didn't get his promised fee at Trumpet, Jack Cardwell arranged McDaniel for King Records. At the same time, he moved to Mobile, Alabama. He made his first appearances in the Louisiana Hayride, where he met young Elvis Presley. Inspired by Presley, he wrote the rockabilly song Midnight Shift under the pseudonym Earl Lee, which was recorded by Buddy Holly. Not only professionally but also privately things were going well. McDaniel got married with Louis Marilyn Laurell with whom he later should have ten children in total.
But because he started quarrels with King he changed to the Meladee Records. There he switched to the popular Rockabilly and from now on he released his singles under the name Jeff Daniels. His first Rockabilly title, Daddy-O Rock, was released in 1956, followed by other Rockabilly classics such as Switchblade Sam, Uh Huh Huh and Foxy Dan, composed by Carl perkins. In 1956 and 1957 he held two sessions at the legendary Sun Records in Memphis, Tennessee, but the recordings were never released due to a disagreement with owner Sam Phillips. After that McDaniel concentrated on his job at the radio. After he got divorced, he had to give up his music career for good, as he now had to take care of his children. Therefore he founded a forwarding agency. Only when his children were grown up, he started performing again in 1980 and recorded some songs for Duell Records.

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