Attractive Black Blossom Shaped French Jet Brooch

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origin: France

age: approx. 1880

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size: 65 x 56 mm

This very decorative brooch is made of French Jet – the French equivalent to English Whitby Jet jewellery which became popular when Queen Victoria made her court wear this mourning jewellery after the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert. At other European courts this jewellery became popular as well, while the French version was crafted in black glass rather than fossil wood.

The fascination of this piece of jewellery is determined by the opaque brilliance of the black glass. The elaborate blossoms are set on two levels. Due to this arrangement, there is a reflection of light in between the immersed furrows causing a mysterious brilliance.

Like this, this more than 130-year-old original from France reflects the glamour of past centuries.

Like all other pieces of jewellery offered, this antique brooch has been professionally restored and is in very good condition.

Would you like to try on this special piece of jewellery and get a better impression of its outstanding design? – Call us and we can make an appointment in Düsseldorf.

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Product 8463 B 28

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