Antique Whitby Jet Bracelet

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The material of this bracelet represents the Victorian Age of 19th century England like no other. Jet jewellery became popular after Queen Victoria had lost her beloved husband Prince Albert in 1861. From this point onwards she went into life long mourning wearing this black jewellery with her black robes. She determined that the whole court had to wear nothing but mourning jewellery.

Like this, Jet jewellery became fashionable at other European courts, too, and remained popular until the turn of the century. During this period, this type of jewellery was often copied. Yet, not only the contemporaries did so, it was a common practise in the aftermath as well.

The French used black glass to create this type of jewellery which became known as French Jet.

Purchasing this decorative bracelet you will receive a very well preserved original, consisting of 13 concavely cut links which are each adjourned by two small Jet beads. The original bracelet has been newly threaded on elastic strap. Due to the light weight of the material, this bracelet is especially well wearable being at the same time highly decorative due to the exceptional brilliance of this opaque substance.

A true collector’s item.


size: width of the links: 46 x 9 mm

origin: England

age: 1860 - 1880

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