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This especially attractive French Jet pendant is made of Bohemian glass. It has a concave red centre and is mounted on metal. Therefore, the pendant is an especially remarkable piece of jewellery of this time. French Jet is the French equivalent to English Jet jewellery, whose popularity on the British Isles was determined by Queen Victoria’s life long mourning after the early death of her beloved husband Prince Albert.

This mourning jewellery does not only represent the sentimentality of the late 19th century, because of its highly decorative value, it is still popular today. Especially today – 160 years after its development – this type of jewellery is frequently copied. Purchasing this piece of jewellery, you will be able to receive an original piece for your own collection. The pendant adorns an onyx necklace whose end cups and spring ring are made of 14 carat yellow gold.

As an ensemble these two pieces of jewellery are a particular eye-catcher of extraordinary attractiveness.


size pendant: 90 x 55 mm

length of necklace: 42 cm

origin: Bohemia

age: approx. 1890

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internet price 480,-- €

product no.: 8456

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