Antique Pendant made of Black Borkwood

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This especially attractive pendant made of borkwood represents the Victorian era of 19th century England. Like Jet jewellery, borkwood was worn as mourning jewellery which does not only reflect the sentimentality of this epoch but also Queen Victoria’s mourning for her beloved husband Prince Albert. It was the Queen herself who with her widow’s attire created a fashion trend and even today this black, opaque material has not lost its unusual attraction.

The drop shaped pendant is adorned by a mounted grape and leaves.

The handcrafted and blackened silver ring is attached to a long, lacklustre polished onyx necklace with a silver latch. – An extremely decorative piece of jewellery of outstandingly fine beauty.


size pendant: 45 x 30 mm

length necklace: 70 cm; width of the pearls: 1.2 mm

origin: England

age: 1860-80

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