Art Deco Dress Clip

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This extraordinary dress clip is determined by a pure design combining black Bakelite and brilliant chrome which form a stark contrast. The use of contrastive materials reflects elements which are typical for Art Deco, an epoch of changes in the course of which new materials found their way into jewellery production, as did Bakelite. This material was developed by the beginning of the 20th century and soon came to be used in very different fields of production – including the field of jewellery making.

The design of this dress clip is dominated by oval shapes overlaying each other: black, opaquely brilliant Bakelite as well as chrome in a discontinuously striped pattern and polished chrome in a curved shape. – An exceptional piece for Art Deco devotees.


size: 50 x 28 mm

origin: France

age: 1920

price: 125.-- €

Productno.: 8514

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