Ladies Pendant Watch with Antique Key in Sterling Silver

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Original hallmarked case, Birmingham 1893


This especially well preserved silver ladies’ pocket watch convinces of its beauty due to the fairytale-like, stunning white enamel clock face with fine Roman figures. These are enchantingly framed by a fine pastel-coloured garland of blossoms including golden ivy leaves.

The extraordinarily beautiful case has been abundantly hand-engraved.

The pocket watch has a fully restored movement with 10 rubies and a pretty antique key.

The hands can be moved with the help of a button.

This watch is a very beautiful piece of its kind. It is in fact one of the most beautiful items in my personal watch collection. It could be considered a wonderful contribution to your jewellery collection as well as a wearable eye-catcher.

This collector’s item has been restored with loving care by our experienced watchmaker, who has specialised in restoring antique watches for more than 35 years.

diameter: 35 mm

origin: Birmingham, England

age: 1893

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