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All our products are "MADE IN GERMANY".

For purchase quantities and container sizes not listed here, we would be pleased to calculate your individual offer or we will send you our price list for bulk containers. If questions occur, our team is available for you throughout the whole time of our business hours.


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By the way: our nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramikversiegelung achieved as the first product of its kind already in 2004/2005 the label "TÜV - zertifizierter Wirksamkeitsnachweis" (certification of functionality by the Technical Inspection Authority in Germany (TÜV), which is not to be mixed up with the recommendation for usage of the Technical Inspection Authority) related to different properties like resistance to chemicals, removal of ice and dirt as well as improvement of sight. Hence our glass and ceramic sealing is accredited for use in road traffic.  



Glas & Ceramic, Photocatalytic

Glas & Ceramic, Photocatalytic

Für alle Keramik, Glasoberflächen und Solarmodule

- Sehr lange Lebensdauer  -  mechanisch stark belastbar  -  Ein sofortiger easy to clean Effekt  -  Wasser-, Eis- und Schneeabweisend

- bis zu 90% Reinigungsersparnis  -  Auf Solarmodulen ein Mehrertrag von 3% 

Leather & Textile, Textile Deo

Leather & Textile, Textile Deo

For all the leather and textile surfaces such as car seats, clothes, curtains, etc. Textildeo is special to the shoe odor.



nanoproofed Chrome & Stainless Steel sealing

nanoproofed Chrome & Stainless Steel sealing

Suitable areas are all stainless steel and chrome surfaces. For example, kitchen equipment.
- immediate effect easy to clean - easy to good UV protection - reliable protection against fingerprints and dirt - much easier to clean

Plastic, Varnish & Rims

Plastic, Varnish & Rims

Everything for your car, the rims and all surfaces made of plastic.

- Easier cleaning - Cost savings - less dirt

Nano Varnishes

Nano Varnishes

Paints for almost all surfaces of window frames to the industrial machines. Even at room temperature drying!

- Long-term effects - long-running graffiti protection - anti-bacterial - maximum resistant - Matt and shiny adjustable - Short drying time

Sets & Special Products

Sets & Special Products

Sets always consist of sealing, cleaning, linen and a description. For any surface it can be compiled.

Cleaning Agents

Cleaning Agents

Cleaner for the perfect pre-treatment of various surfaces.

- Improve the sealing effect - surfaces are wax and surfactants - Solve also extremely dirty - Low fuel consumption



We can recommend to you different kinds of working equipment fort he handling of the cleaning agents and the coating materials. In addition we can offer you the needed equipment to a low price via our central office. Just ask for these working equipments. Soon also here!



Electronic parts and protects electronic equipment from rain and moisture of any kind

- reliable protection against Korrorsion - Highly resistant, even under water - Protects against Stramschlägen - Dissolves rust


Anti Bacterial

Sealer with anti-bacterial properties. Geiegnet for, for example, rooms for many people, bathrooms or kitchens.

- Antibacterial - Easy to handle - dirt resistant - reduces mold and algae


For all Kustoff and glass surfaces. Particularly suitable for use in bathrooms or interior car windows.

- Trained film is transparent - anti-fog film is formed - increased safety through better vision


Motor Refit

For all gear types.

- wear is reduced to near zero - a reduction of fuel consumption by up to 14% - longer life of engines and engine oil