nanoproofed® protection Stein permanent

nanoproofed® protection Stein permanent

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100 ml = 6.57 €

nanoproofed® protection Stein permanent is an aqueous, deep entering impregnation for vertical and horizontal mineral surfaces. The coated surface will be protected from water absorption and preterm staining by moss and algae. nanoproofed® protection Stein permanent is permeable towards water vapour, resistant against UV-radiation, does not influence the substrates colour and is not film-building. nanoproofed® protection Stein permanent is applied by painting, rolling or spraying (Airless or HVLP) in single or double layer coating. For cleaning of the coated surfaces we recommend a high pressure cleaner or a steam cleaner.

Suitable substrates:

Absorbing mineral surfaces such as concrete, concrete blocks, or mineral plaster with less than 5% organic binding material content, natural stone, bricks, unglazed tiles. Fresh concrete surfaces should be coated earliest after 28 days.

Consumption: 100 – 250 ml/m2 (The exact consumption strongly depends on the substrate material.)

Processing temperatures: 5 – 40 °C.

Drying: At an air and object temperature of 5 - 35°C: 24 hours. Environmental conditions differing from these values may influence the curing time.


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