nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest

nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest

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100 ml = 4.46 €

nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest is a coating material creating a dirt repellent and abrasion resistant sealing on mineral substrates such as concrete brick, natural stone or floor screed. Hard nanoparticles within the coating remarkably increase the durability. nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest protects the substrate against dirt such as clay, soil, wet foliage, oil and food, e.g. red wine.

Suitable substrates:

Soaking and non-soaking substrates such as concrete bricks, natural stone and similar materials.

Consumption: ~ 50 - 70 g/m2, depending on the substrate.

Substrate pre-treatment: The substrate has to be dry and free from dust. Uncoated terra cotta has to be pre-treated with nanoproofed® protection Stein Holz , on which nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest is applied after a short time of drying.

Preparation: nanoproofed® protection Stein abriebfest can be used directly from the container.

Processing temperatures: > 0°C

Application method: Brushing, rolling, roll cladding, spraying, dipping, flooding.

Curing: Dust-dry surface after 1 hour. At room temperature totally cured after 1-2 days. Coated base-plates can be entered after 1-2 hours.

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