nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik exklusiv Bac

nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik exklusiv Bac

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100 ml = 34.98 €

The nanoproofed® protection Glas & Keramik exklusiv Bac is an alcohol based system, which generates an easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces. On the surface a thin hydro- and oleophobe film is created, which prevents the sticking of dirt, limescale and impurities and increase the rolling off of water. This results in a very easy cleaning of the coated surfaces. nanoproofed® protection glass & ceramics exclusive bac is excellently suitable for sealing surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom such as shower cubicles, washing basins, flagging, etc. In addition the nanoproofed® protection Glas &Keramik exklusiv Bac has an antibacterial effect.

Suitable substrates:

Glass and ceramic surfaces for example in the kitchen or bathroom.

Usage: 5 - 25 mL/m² (depending on the kind of application)

Substrate pre-treatment: The substrate must be dry and free of dirt, oil and greases. A cleaning with acidic and/or alkaline cleaners and an on top cleaning with nanoproofed® alcohol-cleaner is recommended.

Application: Spray as a thin film (wet varnish method or airless-spraying system) or by reaming with a lint-free cloth. After drying (see below) excess silanes are removed by polishing with a cloth. The easy-to-clean effect should be visible 5 minutes after the polishing.

Drying: 15 – 60 minutes at room temperature. Completely cross-linked 24 hours after polishing.


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