nanoproofed® protection WTP1 Antibac

nanoproofed® protection WTP1 Antibac

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100 ml = 5.61 €

nanoproofed® protection WTP1 antibac is an anti-microbial impregnation based on the chemical nano technology. The product creates a durable, transparent and ultra-thin layer on fabric and protects the substrate against water, oil and dirt.

Suitable substrates: Fabric of all kinds.

Substrate pre-treatment: The surface has to be free from dirt, dust and auxiliary materials such as brightening or finishing.

Preparation: Can be used directly from the container. If necessary, adjust pH-value to 4-5 by the addition of acetic acid.

Application: Application by Foulard-procedure, or spraying. curing at 110 – 130 °C.

Processing temperatures: Room temperature.

Fixing: Condense for 3 minutes at 145-150°C. Temperatures above 150°C will lead to a destruction of the material.


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