nanoproofed® protection Textil Deo

nanoproofed® protection Textil Deo

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100 ml = 4.40 €

nanoproofed® protection Textil Deo is a preparation based on the nano technology which produces an ultra-thin, transparent coating with an antimicrobial effect.

Suitable substrates: Fabric and shoes of all kinds.

Consumption: ~ 100 - 150 mL/m2. (The exact consumption depends on the material and on the chosen application method.)

Surface pre-treatment: The material has to be dry and free from any dirt.

Preparation: nanoproofed® protection textile deo can be used as delivered. Shake well before use.

Processing temperatures: 10-25 °C.

Application method: nanoproofed® protection textile deo can be applied by spraying or by the foulard process.

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