nanoproofed® protection plasticglass sealing

nanoproofed® protection plasticglass sealing

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100 ml = 19.52 €

nanoproofed® protection Kunstglasversiegelung creates a water and oil repellent layer on glass and plastic surfaces. Therefore, the removal of dirt and lime residuals is easier and the surface is protected against long-term damage by incorporation of insoluble residuals. The coating exhibits a high abrasion resistance.

Suitable substrates: Plastics and glass in the interior and outside area.

Preparation: The product can be used directly from the container.

Surface pre-treatment: The surface has to be dry and free from fats or dust.

Application method: Wiping with polishing cloth. Do not spray!

Consumption: ~15 ml/m2. The exact consumption depends on the substrate.

Processing temperatures: 5 - 35 °C (Air and object). Regard dew-point at lower temperatures.

Quality test: After curing drop test with water. On coated surfaces a drop shall form rather than a uniform film.


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