nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff exklusiv Bac

nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff exklusiv Bac

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100 ml = 32.64 €

nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff exklusiv Bac is an alcohol based sealing material, which forms an ultra-thin layer on plastics. The surface thus gains water and dirt repellent attributes. An easy cleaning is provided and in addition the coating has an antimicrobial effect.

Suitable substrates: Plastics of all kinds, excluding plastics which are not resistant against alcohols.

Consumption: 15 – 25 ml/m2 depending on the application method.

Substrate pre-treatment: The surface has to be dry and free from dust, dirt, fats or oils.

Preparation: Can be used directly from the container.

Application method: Wiping or spraying (wet paint or airless spraying).

Application: Wipe or spray nanoproofed® protection Kunststoff exklusiv Bac onto the substrate and smooth over with a cloth until a uniform film is formed. Residual silanes are removed by light polishing after the coating is cured (see below).

Curing: At room temperature and average humidity at least 30 minutes. Higher humidity may increase the curing time. Completely cured after 2 days.


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