nanoproofed® protection Anti-Fingerprint permanent

nanoproofed® protection Anti-Fingerprint permanent

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100 ml = 20.89 €

nanoproofed® protection Anti-Finger-Print permanent protects matted as well as high gloss metal surfaces long lasting against fingerprints by increasing the surface smoothness. Due to this effect the soil is reduced and the cleaning is made easier. By producing a permanent connection to the substrate, the coating has a high mechanical and chemical resistance. Grip protection – reduces sticking and visibility of fingerprints. The application of nanoproofed® protection Anti-Finger-Print permanent can be done by painting, rolling or wiping with a non-fuzzing cloth (not to be sprayed).

Suitable substrates: Stainless steel, chromium, aluminium, brass, copper and other metals.

Substrate pre-treatment: The substrate must be dry and free of greases and dust.

Usage: Ca. 15 ml/m2 (wiped/rolled), ca. 25 ml/m2 (painted).

Application method: Rolling, painting or wiping with a non-fuzzing cloth. nanoproofed® protection Anti-Finger-Print permanent has to be applied in very small amounts. If too much material is used it is very difficult to handle and stripes will occur. For wiping on give a small amount onto a lint-free cloth and gently wipe over the surface to be treated (best is not to use circular movements but applying in lines). If stripes occur they must not be polished away, they will vanish on their own during curing. If the development of stripes is large one should roll over the surface with a PU roll directly after application. If the material should be painted on, a bit more material is needed. Here also the use of the PU roll is  recommended.

Curing: Safe to be touched after ca. one hour, completely cured after ca. 24 hours at room temperature.


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