nanoproofed® protection 2K nano Lack Stahlschutz

nanoproofed® protection 2K nano Lack Stahlschutz

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100 g = 16.77 €

nanoproofed® protection 2K nano Lack Stahlschutz is a two component coating for corrosion protection of steel and zinc surfaces based on the chemical nano technology. The product can be dried at room temperature and can be characterized by its very low emission of solvents due to the high solid body content. The developed coating sticks very well on steel and zinc and is despite the low film thickness after drying very resistant against mechanical load and outdoor exposure.

Suitable substrates: Steel, zinc, zinced surfaces.

Usage: The exact usage is dependent on the surface condition and the kind of application.

Substrate pre-treatment: The substrate must be dry and free of dust, dirt and grease. Steel should be prepared by sand blasting (Sa 2 ½).

Temperature stability: -20 °C to +150 °C

Preparation: Intermix the two components thoroughly in the ratio: Base: Hardener = 7 : 1 (by weight).

Application: Air spraying, painting, rolling, airless-spraying.

Drying: At room temperature

Wanted layer thickness: 60 – 100 μm after drying.


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