protection 1K Industrie- Einbrennlack

protection 1K Industrie- Einbrennlack

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100 g = 22.41 €

nanoproofed® protection 1K Industrie Einbrennlack is a one component varnish to produce a transparent coating with high resistance against scratches and chemicals. nanoproofed® protection 1K Industrie Einbrennlack excellently prevents the surface from aggressive conditions such as industrial atmosphere, environmental influences or UV-radiation. nanoproofed® protection 1K Industrie Einbrennlack is resistant against fuels, oils, fats, organic solvents and many chemical substances. The treated surface will be easier to clean and exhibits a long lasting shiny appearance.

Recommended substrates: Non-corroding metals (e.g. aluminium, copper, stainless steel etc.), glass and varnished surfaces.

Substrate pre-treatment: The surface has to be dry and free from dust, dirt or fats. For aluminium and magnesium an alkaline cleaning is recommended.

Application method: Air spraying: nozzle diameter:0,8 – 1,5 mm pressure:1,5 – 2,5 bar, An application by dipping is possible. If varnished surfaces are to be coated, test the material for compatibility on an unremarkable part prior to use.

Consumption: ca. 15 g/m². The exact consumption strongly depends on the substrate and on the chosen application method.

Drying: At 140°C ca. 1 hour, at 180°C ca. 30 minutes.

Layer thickness: ca. 3 - 5 ;m after total drying.

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