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Sony V-Mount Plate

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The Sony V-mount snap plate is designed to work with all V-mount cameras. It has been specifically crafted to offer the most secure connection between the camera and plate. Furthermore this is one of the lightest camera mounting systems on the market with a weight of only 405g. All of our V-mount plates incorporate with the specially designed rod attachment system, allowing the operator to fit either 15mm or 19mm rods to the plate. As an optional extra your plate can be machined to work directly with the gear track systems of EFP, 3A, Chrosziel and the MK-V side to side plates.


Sony V-Mount Schnapp Platte/ Steadicam Platte, Für alle V-mount Kameras wie Sony, Tompson und andere haben wir diese superflache und absolut spielfreie Grundplatte entwickelt. Im Lieferumfang sind zwei Leichtstützen und zwei Kameraschrauben enthalten.

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1 - 1 von 15 Ergebnissen