Long 3-row plate

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This plate has been specially designed for use with cameras that require an offset mounting position. It offers the camera operator the variety to mount positions to secure optics as well as accessories. This plate has been crafted to offer the strongest possible platform for mounting cameras and optics as well as remaining relatively light weight. Like all of our products this plate has been crafted to a very high standard and offers the operator a surface that is strong enough to use with Steadicam and long lenses. Canceling vibrations from running and rapid movement. Like all of our dovetails this camera plate also incorporates with the specially designed rod attachment system, allowing the operator to fit either 15mm or 19mm rods to the plate.


Lange, dreireihige Platte zur außermittigen Montage falls der Sucher der Kamera nicht demontierbar ist. Die extrem stabile Ausführung erlaubt lange Objektive bei schnellem Gang trotz des verhältnismäßig geringen Gewichts.

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