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Docking Bracket – for film & video cameras

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Availebal for 1,5" and 2" This bracket has been designed to allow for single handed operation, freeing the operator’s hand allowing him to support the rig. The PVC C-mount protects the sled post from any unwanted damage. The rig is secured within the bracket via a safety ring. The bracket has a verity of machined wholes that offer the operator multiple places to hang other equipment and secure tools. As soon as you can read SAVE you can be sure that the locked system will be secure. The slotted aerear will keep your small things like screws in place. the rear pinn to level the steadi. is toolfree and workes like an air craft pinn, it can be removed to have one side flat to save space in your case.

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1 - 1 of 48 results