Our "brick and mortar" store

Our "brick and mortar" store

Our "brick and mortar" store

Notice !

Dear customer,

due to increasing number of inquiries we would like to inform you that currently there is no lace yarn available in our store in Pfaffenhofen. We won't be able to offer lace yarn before June/July.

Thank you for your understanding.



New opening dates!


Important information about opening hours, direction to the shop, etc. can be found below.

If there are still questions that were not answered, please write to We are unfortunately not reachable in the shop on the phone.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the shop!

Sincerely yours,



Shop opening dates:

The first opening dates for the next months are fixed. We would like to ask for your understandings that we cannot plan more ahead of time at the moment. However, our goal is to open the shop regularly on two or three weekends every month.


Sadly there is no summersale this year !



April 2013:  Fr. 05.04./Sa. 06.04.; Fr. 12.04./Sa. 13.04.; Fr. 26.04./Sa. 27.04.

May 2013:   Fr. 03.05./Sa. 04.05.; Fr. 17.05./Sa. 18.05.; Fr. 24.05./Sa. 25.05.

June 2013:  Fr. 07.06./Sa. 08.06.; Fr. 14.06./Sa. 15.06.; Fr. 28.06./Sa. 29.06.

July 2013:   Fr. 12.07./Sa. 13.07.; Fr. 19.07./Sa. 20.07.;

Aug. 2013:   Fr. 02.08./Sa. 03.08.; Fr. 09.08./Sa. 10.08.; 

Sept. 2013:  Fr. 06.09./Sa. 07.09.; Fr. 20.09./Sa. 21.09.; Fr. 27.09./Sa. 28.09.

Okt. 2013:    Fr. 04.10./Sa. 05.10.; Fr. 18.10./Sa. 19.10.; Fr. 25.10./Sa. 26.10.

Nov. 2013:   Fr. 08.11./Sa. 09.11.; Fr. 15.11./Sa. 16.11.; Fr. 29.11./Sa. 30.11.

Dec. 2013:   Fr. 06.12./Sa. 07.12.; Fr. 13.12./Sa. 14.12.;



Shop opening hours:

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.



Like at the markets, we are unable to accept payments with Electronic cash or credit cards. However, Schulstrasse is directly in the centre of Pfaffenhofen and various banks can be reached easily from the shop.

Will there always be every colourways and yarn bases available in the shop? Probably not. However, we will make our best effort to always be able to offer a wide range of our yarns in the shop.

Is there any good excursion around Pfaffenhofen suitable for the family? There is an open air swimming pool directly in Pfaffenhofen that is open over the summer months. Other possible excursions can be found on the website of Pfaffenhofen:



By air:

From the Munich Airport, take the highway/autobahn A92 in the direction of Munich-Nuremberg.

Keep going in the direction to Nuremberg A9 at the autobahn crossing Neufahrn.

Leave the autobahn at the exit Schweitenkirchen-Pfaffenhofen (the 2nd exit after the autobahn crossing).

Keep going straight to Pfaffenhofen.

Turn left in to Joseph-Fraunhoferstrasse at the traffic lights after the railway underpass in Pfaffenhofen.

At the next traffic lights, turn right in to the Moosburger Strasse.

Keep going straight until the crossroads Stadtgraben-Schulstrasse.

Turn left into Schulstrasse, you will arrive at the shop on the right after about 50m (Schulstr. 10)


By train:



Take the route Munich-Ingolstadt-Nuremberg (train leaves every 45 mintues from Munich Main Station).

Get off the train at Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm.

Walk in the direction to the town centre: Joseph-Fraunhofer Str., then the Münchener Str., then turn the left into Schulstr. After about 50m, you will arrive at the shop (Schulstr. 10)

About 10 minutes walk


By car:



Take the autobahn A9 between Munich and Ingolstadt

Exit the autobahn at the Schweitenkirchen-Pfaffenhofen exit.

Keep driving straight to Pfaffenhofen.

Turn left at the traffic light after the railway underpass in Pfaffenhofen in to Joseph-Fraunhoferstr.

At the next traffic light, turn right in to the Moosburger Str.

Keep going straight to the crossroads Stadtgraben-Schulstr.

Turn left and you will arrive at the shop after about 50m (Schulstr. 10)


Ladenadresse / Shop Address:

Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

Andreas Wellmann

Schulstr. 10

85276 Pfaffenhofen/Ilm