The Lace Colourbag

The Lace Colourbag



Our Lace Colourbag is a kit consisting of three skeins of lace yarn (à 100 g) in three different harmonising colourways available in twelve different combinations.

As with the Taste of Wollmeise, the yarn comes as ready-to-knit skeins. There may therefore possibly be some knots in the yarn.

The yarns and the pattern are packed in a sturdy project bag with a zip fastener, hence the name Lace Colourbag.

To give you an idea as to what kinds of patterns are possible, we asked Anne, of Arlene’s World of Lace, to design a pattern exclusively for our Lace Colourbag. We are so happy that  she accepted this challenge and produced such a successful result.

The unique pattern “Walk on the Moon”, which you will receive together with our yarn, demonstrates the amazing number of possibilities of combining several colours together to make a lace scarf.

Experiment with the colours yourself, create a scarf after your own ideas with the remaining yarn or with the full set – your creativity knows no bounds!



  • 300 g, 3 skeins á 100 g Lace 100 % wool, Merino, superwash, handdyed
  • weight: 525 m / 100 g, 1722 yds / 300 g
  • easy care, 30 degrees Celsius, machine wash