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Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are dependend on the product and the country, in which it will be shipped.
» Here » you can see a list of shipping costs.

Right of Rescission

You can cancel this contract in writing without reason within two weeks of receipt of the products (per letter, fax, or email, or return of the products. The frist starts with the receipt of the goods. To make the right of rescission valid just send it in time.

Right of Rescission Results

In case of a valid rescission both parties agree to return the services rendered. Should you not be able to reutn the goods completely or in unsatisfactory condition, you will need to pay for the depriciated value. You can avoid this payment if you do not use the tool and to avoid everything that might lower its value.

Internet Presence

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You can view a comprehensive product comparison, further information about our cutting tools and a film that illustrates working with one of our tools.