Offers of Spanish wine

Holiday in Spain and a glass of wine, what could be better?

It is not clear when winegrowing started in Spain. Some sources dated the remains of grape remains on the Iberian peninsula as early as 4000 BC. Spain can boast well-known wine-growing regions spread all over the country.


Spanish wine not only comes from different regions but also has different quality levels. According to strict rules, the wines with the designation D.O. (Denominación de origen). The seal is awarded only if only approved grape varieties of the respective area are used, alcohol and residual sugar content is correct and the production method complies with the specifications. There are at present 64 D.O. regions, eg. "D.O. Campo de Borja - Aragón" or "D.O. Utiel-Requena - Valencia". An even higher quality is found in a Spanish wine called D.O.Ca (Denominación de origen calificada), such as the wine from the Rioja region.


In addition, there are numerous table wines (Vino de Mesa (VdM)) and land wines (Vino de la Tierra (VdlT)) in the repertoire of Spanish winemakers. Always paiy attention to the degree of maturity. Spanish red wine with the "Gran Reserva" award must have been stored in the barrel for at least two years and in the bottle for three years.



Spanish wine, for example, which is marked with "Vino joven", has no barrel storage. Those who prefer cask storage should look for words like "Crianza", "Reserva" or "Gran Reserva" on the label.