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Shipment of banknotes from around the world. Rarities, misprints, all currencies worldwide.


Banknotes worldwide show the cultural heritage and history of the respective countries. They are the calling card of the countries, "Language of money".

Notaphily (Collecting banknotes) belongs to the traditional fields of collection, the next gathering of numismatics (coin collecting) and philately (stamp collecting) and is also the smallest and most expensive field of collection.
Nevertheless, there are about 3 million different notes. Since there are World Bank notes, country notes, emergency money, big money and Coins, military money, storage fees, crew expenses, etc.

Also visit my website www.banknotenversand.de. For newcomers and long-time collector again and again arise questions and information about paper money. The forum helps everyone interested, with questions and answers of all participants and myself

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Josef Gerber, geb. 26.03.1949
International Currency Consultant
Court-appointed expert for World Bank notes and historic paper money.
Technical writer and for 39 years collector of banknotes himself.