Spring - Pot series Complete - Starter Set

Spring - Pot series Complete - Starter Set

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Spring - Pot series Complete - Starter Set

Spring pots and pans are made of high- quality multi-ply material, which transmits the heat directly from the bottom through- out the sides and, thus, to the food. This ensures gentle, fast, and even heating of your food and saves energy. Spring multi-use pots and pans are highly functional. Because of their beautiful de- sign and low weight (no heavy bottom) they are perfectly suited for serving. Their round, easy-to-handle form allows easy cleaning.

Der moderne Klassiker in futuristischem Gewand. Ein absolut hochwertiges Kochgeschirr, hochglänzend poliert für strahlenden Glanz in der heimischen Küche. Solide verschweißte und robuste Edelstahlgriffe halten jeder Belastung stand. Die perfekte Verbindung von Professionalität und formvollendetem Design. 5-Lagen-Mehrschichtmaterial für optimale Wärmeleitung und –verteilung. Für alle Herdarten geeignet, inklusive Induktion. Der geschlossene Schüttrand der Complete Serie ermöglicht ein punktgenaues und kleckerfreies Ausgießen. Die wärmeisolierende Griffkonstruktion reduziert die Hitzeübertragung in die Topfgriffe. Zum einfachen Dosieren ist in der Innenseite des Topfes eine Skalierung in Litern angebracht.

  • Wichtig! Verwenden Sie nur Küchenhelfer aus weichem Kunststoff oder Silikon.
  • 5-Lagen-Mehrschichtmaterial
  • Heat conductivity: 5 layers with all-round cooking properties ensure quick and even heat distribution
    right to the edge of the pan. Saves time and energy.
  • Close-fitting lid made of heat resistant safety glass: For gentle full-view cooking with a minimum of water. Precious vitamins are not destroyed, and vegetables preserve their fresh colour.
  • Sealed rim: No corrosion and guaranteed long life.
  • Cold handles: Made of especially insulated stainless steel. Will not become hot, even after long
    using. For safe and efficient use, stable, dishwasher-safe.
  • Suitable for all types of stove: Ceramic, induction, electric or gas.


Set includes

  • Casserole Ø20 cm ca. 2.7 L

  • Deep casserole Ø16 cm ca. 2.0 L

  • Deep casserole Ø20 cm ca. 3.7 L

  • Deep casserole Ø24 cm ca. 6.5 L


Curvature of base
The base of high-end cookware curves slightly upwards when the pan is cold, but the base becomes perfectly flat when the pan is heated


Spring - Products for every need

The history of the Spring brand is a chronicle marked by milestones of innovative and creative ideas for elegant dining, sophisticated cuisine, and ambitious hobby cooks. In 1946, the Spring brothers established the company which was committed to uncompromising quality and well-conceived product development. Over the years, the Spring brand has continually developed and marketed new products that proved to be trendsetters in the history of cooking and dining culture.

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