Medieval Set - Barding & Breastcollar

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This magnificent Baroque Tack Medieval Barding & Breastcollar Set is a true Masterpiece!    


This extravagantly finished medival Barding & Breastcollar Set with its impressive solid brass fittings is simply unique. High-quality materials, superior workmanship and the contrasting seams round off the picture of exclusivity! No saddle rings or crupper are needed. Check out my Facebook Page for customer photo's !! 


Available on order only - production time is approx. 6 weeks after payment received.



Viking Photo Shooting:

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Selection: Medieval Set - Barding & Breastcollar

Product no. Size Status Price
BRE-110-2-MES Full - Black/Brass
1,199.90 € *
BRE-110-2-CHR Full - Black/Chrome
1,199.99 € *
BRE-110-2-BR-MES Full - Brown/Brass
1,199.90 € *
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