Baroque Tack Breastplate

(Size: Messing - Warmblut)

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This magnificent Baroque Tack Breastplate is a true Masterpiece!    



This extravagantly finished Baroque Tack Parade Breastcollar with its impressive fittings is simply unique. Heavy solid brass fittings. High-quality materials, superior workmanship and the contrasting seams round off the picture of exclusivity! 


The production time takes approx. 6-8 weeks after payment received.


  • Leather: Black with fancy seams
  • FittingsGeorgeous solid brass fittings or chrome paltes brass fittings

Selection: Baroque Tack Breastplate

Product no. Size Status Price
VOR-30-MES Messing - Warmblut
399.90 € *
VOR-30-CHR Chrom - Warmblut
399.90 € *
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